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Top 3 Cryptos to invest in 2021 other than Bitcoin

Bitcoin was all bullish in the first two weeks of February 2021, but its prices are giving low trends nevertheless they will soon be able to pick its swift speed and chances are there that it will touch $60,000 in the next two months. Once the market comes to the bullish position than it will certainly touch the bottom because of the factors which are supporting the bullish won’t be there forever to support the bull vis a vis when it touches the bearish dip than certainly the prices will again reach to the top and Bitcoin bull is again coming. But what about other Altcoins who are also the part of the market and they can’t be ignored. Well we are here to discuss three alternatives of the Bitcoin on which you should invest to get returns.

Ripple XRP

Ripple market is bearish due to the SEC law suit, but Analysts from around the Crypto market are silent about Investment in this currency of which fate is at the stake of the decision of the Security and Exchange Commission.  XRP is known for its quick transactions on low exchange rates which are aiming to replace the SWIFT payment system, if we only consider this single factor than XRP is worth Investing. The current bearish trend of XRP does not matter as it has been said that I will buy when the people will be shy. As far as SEC law suit is concern, XRP is going to settle the law suit soon. But we are just ignoring the future smart contracts of XRP like big share in Money Gram and starting its own smart contract for the growing needs of remittances, payments and transfer exchanges namely PayString.

XRP price is floating around $0.444 which is bearish at the level of around 4%. Considering the price of XRP you can build your reasonable portfolio of XRP while prices of it are down. The price prediction of XRP is onerous but as some confident analysts are predicting, it will cross $3-4 by the end of 2021.

Cardano ADA

Cardano is termed as Ethereum Killer due to its much improves Decentralized Applications than Ethereum which specialized in tracing fraudulent & erroneous transactions. Reasons for Investing in Cardano ADA are its fully compliance with the Government Regulations and Cardano ADA has launched its wallet called Daedalus for holding and transferring ADA coins. The security of Cardano ADA is designed with the help of top notch hackers which makes it impenetrable for other hackers and provides ultimate security. Cardano ADA is using up to the mark technologies and developing smart contracts like eToro which makes it more superior.

The market of Cardano ADA is doing well and for the investors who do not have much amount to invest should go for the Cardano ADA. Cardano ADA price is giving rising trend at the price of $1.21 which is increasing at the rate of 9.52%.

The prediction of Cardano ADA is not for the short term rather it is for the long term which is upto $10 by the end of 2021.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is the most successful altcoin originating from Bitcoin. The major difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is the limits of the blocks size transfer rate, which Bitcoin have 1 MB and the Bitcoin Cash has 8 MB. This difference is enough to increase the Bitcoin Cash transaction speed and managing effectively the bulk of transactions. Bitcoin Cash transactions speed is faster and transactions fees are low as well and that’s why it has the great deal of potential to make space in the Crypto space. The Bitcoin Cash Versatility and Adaptability is undoubtable due to the team which is working efficacily to place Bitcoin Cash on to the top prices.

The price of Bitcoin Cash is $501 with decreasing level of 8.20%, it seems like Bitcoin Cash price is connected with Bitcoin and as the Bitcoin will start leading upwards, Bitcoin Cash price will also rise. The prediction of Bitcoin Cash as of the end of 2021 will be above $1000.

Clearly Bitcoin Cash gives an excellent return to the investors who will hold it for long term but as of my guess it will not much returnable for the short term investors.

Please be advised that Investing in Cryptocurrencies always carry risk but it gives big gains too, So invest at your own responsibility.

Written by Crypto Recaps Investment Analysts

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