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Covid-19 & Opportunities of Investing

Wall Street has been crashing from the Covid-19 pandemic and stocks of different companies are laying low due to the worst recession. Now common perception is that majority of the stocks will hit the bottom of the Stock Market ocean resultingly investors will lose their money but if you are not on the losing side of this recession than its Wall Street investors forecast that you could be on the winning side and extracting money from this recession is not as hard as it is believed to be, you just have to be patient in order to make profit. While it is quite inevitable in this world that one’s loss is another profit, same is the case with this recession, so do not lose heart and if you have some money, invest it wisely to some Stocks which will gain their position after this storm of recession and payback you in abundant.

The strike of coronavirus on Wall Street was so fierce that it had never been recorded in the past two decades. Before going to discuss which stocks to go for making money we have to look extensively about the industries which have been going through stagnation. People have been locked down in their houses throughout the world and travel is almost stopped and the airports are empty due to it. Subsequently air lines have reduced their flying operations due to subtracting passengers travel. The biggest loss of this pandemic is facing by these air lines throughout the world so the best shot is to buy the stocks of air lines as the circumstances, which the airlines are facing will not remain permanently and this huge industry will revert to its business & operations and it is assured that whenever it will revert the thrust of its take off will beyond imagination. Buying the stocks of airlines is lucrative at this time because of their reduced value in the Stock Market.


American Air Lines: AAL & Delta Air Lines Inc: DAL

While buying the stocks you have to stay patient as Rome was not built in a day. The stocks which likely to pay back huge profit in air lines industry are American Air Lines or Delta Air Lines. Today the opening value of American Air Lines stocks was $12.25 and the expectations are that it will be around $40 after the recession will be settled. The Delta Air Lines today opens on $29.26 and the chances are it will certainly go around $60.67.


Apple Inc: AAPL

Stores of Apple around the globe has been shut on the important turn when the Apple Inc was about to launch its 5G technology but Apple is the company with luxurious cash reserve. The Apple Inc stocks are losing value due to their supply issues and low demand across the world. It is quite assured that the stocks of Apple will gain value after the recession. The opening price of Apple stock is around $260 and there are excellent pay back chances of around $500 but for that you have to wait a bit longer than you are expecting. The chances are that when Apple Inc will launch its 5G you will have your profit with the significant margin.


Starbucks Corporation: SBUX

While the recession is impacting the global economy, the worst effects is bearing by the chains of restaurants and among them Starbucks Corporation is quite worth mentioning as its stocks are trembling in the Stock Market and hitting the bottom due to the lockdown, people trends of eating with friends and families have been declining due to the prohibition by the Government. Although the Starbucks Corporation is operating drive through and home delivery yet its business is lacking one major part in operations. The opening stock price for Starbucks Corporation today is $65 but it is estimated to reach around $100 after the coronavirus wave will settle down.



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